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List of articles of Cheese

Tokachi Millennium Forest

The Millennium Forest evaluated as the most beautiful garden in the world in a English garden contest.

Buffet restaurant Sizzle

Buffet restaurant offering carefully selected ingredients and culinary creations.

BAR Duomo Rosso

Charcuterie and authentic bar with a great view featuring a circular layout and a domed roof

Hakone Farm

The dude ranch where you can have experiences such as milking or making butter.

Hanabatake Farm

Shops selling souvenirs, cafe and whey sweet tea facilities are available.

Furano Cheese Kobo

You can observe the production room and the aging storage through a window. Experience available!

Furano Wine House

A restaurant on the hill where you can see Furano city.

PASTRY SNAFFLE’S Kanemori Youbutsukan

Cheese Omelet (cakes) are a western style confectionary representing Hakodate.

Displays 1〜8 of the 8 in order