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List of articles of Church

Motomachi Roman Catholic Church

One of four churches in the Hakodate Motomachi district.

Hakodate St. John’s Church

Hokkaido's first British Protestantism Anglican Church.

Hakodate Orthodox Church

It is also known as “GANGAN” Temple, the birthplace of Eastern Orthodox Church of Japan

Sapporo Orthodox Church

The association which belongs to the Japanese Christian orthodox church.

Kitaichijo Catholic Church

A beautiful Catholic church that was first missioned in Sapporo

Hakodate Motomachi Minatogaoka Church

It is a Gothic style church opposite the Restaurant Gotoken-older building.

Hakodate Church (United Church of Christ in Japan)

One of four churches in the Hakodate Motomachi district (Hakodate Orthodox Church, Hakodate St. John’s Church, Motomachi Roman Catholic Church)

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