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List of articles of Forest

Shiretoko Guides pikki

Let's walk in the wilderness of Shiretoko with a guide!

Hakodate Onuma Segway Tour

On the Segway Tour, we propose a way to enjoy finding your favorite spots during the tour, and to walk carefully after the tour if you have time.

Toya Guide Center

The Toya Guide Center is a canoe and walking guide company around Lake Toya.

Akan Adventure Tourism

Enjoy the sounds, lights and images that make the most of Akan's nature in a forest.

Tokachi Millennium Forest

The Millennium Forest evaluated as the most beautiful garden in the world in a English garden contest.

Nonno-no-Mori (Citizens’ Forest Nature Park)

You can relax, and enjoy forest therapy.

Tsubetsu Forest of the 21st Century (Campsite)

You can come in contact with the trees and nature in various styles.

Rokugo no Mori

A forest full of nature dotted with facilities such as the log cabin that became a setting in the popular TV drama, Kita no kuni kara that began in 1981.

Nakafurano Camp Area

Campsite to spend slowly in the nature of Satoyama spreading to 5 minutes on foot from lavender garden.

Lake Chimikeppu(Campsite)

The variety of plants and birds and beasts of forests is valuable.

Nakagawacho Forest Park

You can overlook Nakagawa city and the Teshio River, and there is a natural walking path and observatory.

Higashikagura Forest Park

The trees are overflowing so as to surround the centrally located artificial lake, and you can enjoy extraordinary play such as water play and cycling.

Kagami Numa(Marsh)

On a day without wind, it reflects the surrounding scenery like a mirror.

Toyako Forest Museum

It is in Nakajima in Lake Toya.

Tsurui Sonminnomori Auto Camping Ground

An auto camping ground adjacent to the villagers' forest.


This is a swamp in the south of Sulphur Mountain.

Furano-Ashibetsu Prefectural Natural Park

The park which can enjoy scenery of the northern lands .

Donan Shiki no Mori Park

The Hokkaido Prefectural park you can enjoy the changes of the four seasons.

Shiretoko National Park

The easternmost national park of Japan.

Shikotsu-Toya National Park

The national park of Hokkaido's central region.

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