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List of articles of Horse riding

Michino Eki Urimaku

This Michino Eki is rare in Hokkaido, where you can experience horseriding.

Heidi Farm

A place where you can interact with animals and enjoy various activities!

Sapporo Racecourse

Regional racecourse held by central horse racing in the summer.

Sapporo Sightseeing Covered Wagon

The horses name is Ginta kun. Slowly advancing around Odori 4 chome, Tokei-dai Clocktower, and the red brick buildings.

Urakawa Aeru

Horse-riding facility integrated with hotel that overlooks Hidaka mountains

Paard Musée

A rich natural farm where you can experience life with horses.

Tsurui Dosanko Farm

Trekking riding around in the wilderness of Kushiro-shitsugen National Park is popular with tourists.

Nikappu Horoshiri Horse Club

Horse trekking can be enjoyed in full swing even if you have never taken a horse

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