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List of articles of Information center

Kitashiribeshi Tourist Information Center

Information center of Yoichi Tourist Association, it's front on JR Yoichi station.

Otaru International Information Center(Canal Plaza Tourist Information)

Utilizing the former Otaru warehouse which is a historic building, there are sales of special products of Otaru and Shiribeshi and a coffee section.

Michi-no-Eki “Ryuhyo-kaido Abashiri”

At this Information Station you can get all the info you need about Abashiri the town of sightseeing.

Nakafurano Tourism Association

It is in the community center. Nakafurano is the place to refresh your heart.

Nakafurano Information Center

Information on tourist information and accommodation facilities in Nakafurano cho. Let's listen to the highlights and how to have fun.

Hokuto City Tourism Exchange Center

There is the tourist information center to support foreign tourists, a shop selling local specialties, locals' exhibit space, eating and drinking rest area.

Toyotomi Information Center

We provide various information such as event information from seasonal accommodation and sightseeing spot information in Toyotomi-cho and tourist information of the surrounding area for seasons only。

Kita Color

There are select shop, kids room etc. selling tourist information office and Kitakara limited suit.

Furano Biei Tourism Centre

Furano, Biei district guidebook.

Michi-no-Eki Biei “Shirogane Biruke”

In German is said to be "biruke".

Biei Tourist Information Center

Selling souvenirs and offering sightseeing information of Biei.

Sato-no-Eki “Kimobetsu”

It is convenient here for sightseeing information, direct sale of agricultural products of Michi-no-Eki & Kimobetsu.

Sounkyo Information Center

Information desk inside Sounkyo Bus Terminal.

Otaru Asakusabashi Information Center

In addition to sightseeing information, we also sell soft cream.

Otaru Station Information Center

Information office that you can see immediately after leaving the ticket gate of Otaru station

Kitami Tourist Information Center

If you would like to listen to sightseeing information such as places of interest in Kitami, go here first.

Asahikawa Tourism and Local Products Information Center

Tourist Information Center in Asahikawa Eastern Concourse

Asahikawa General Tourist Information Center(Asa Terrace)

Tourist information center in town. Various sightseeing brochures are also substantial. There is a rest space.

Hakodate Community Design Center

We send regional information such as tourist information, citizen exchange events, classrooms, citizen activity support.

Michi-no-Eki “Mashu Onsen”

Have the Foot bath. Free.

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