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List of articles of Museum

Okhotsk Sea Ice Museum of Hokkaido

A museum exhibiting experiencing exhibits and models of drift ice and ocean.

Urakawa Folk Museum

The facility where you can learn about the local history and nature of Urakawa.

Rishiri Town Museum

There are many pictures of flowers blooming at Rishiri Island.

Nakasatsunai Art Village

Nakasatsunai Art Village where sculptures of museums and restaurants are located in the vast premises of Tokachi district.

Asahikawa City Museum

Enjoy exhibitions of folk, local culture, history, etc. and nature of taisetsu with images.

Furano Lifelong Learning Centre & Furano museum

Showing permanent exhibits of recourses related to the culture, history and nature of Furano.

Goto Sumio Museum

Displaying approximately 150 items of work of Japanese painter, Sumio Goto.

Tsuchi no Yakata

The history of agriculture, keeping healthy soil, and world tractor display.

Trick Art Museum

The trick art Museum with fun 3D art using optical illusions.

Library of Picture Books

It collects 72,000 books including picture books and general books in total, and has about 800 original drawings of picture books.

Biei Takushinkan

A leading guru introducing Biei to Japan. Mr.Shinzo Maeda's photographer's work is adorned.

Shinseikan Museum

Shinseikan Museum is the coffee shop art museum, also known as the Kokuta Suda, and Tatsuzo Shimaoka art museum.


Displaying the everyday items naturally as well as artistic works with a personal touch, relief works and more here in the gallery.

Eco Museum Osashima Center

Over 100 works of Mr. Sunazawa Bikki, a master of contemporary sculpture world, are on exhibition.

Shellfish Museum of Rankoshi

50000 years ago, 1500 kinds of restored models of chokkak shellfish and 500 shellfish are displayed.

Tsukigata Kabato Museum

In 1996, the main building of the Kabato Museum was built in order to display more Prison materials. (It is connected to the Former Kabato administrative office building the basement.) Former Kabato prison.

Toyako Art Center

It is a building whose former Toya village office building has been renovated

Irie Takasago Shell Midden Museum

A museum introducing materials excavated from Irie Midden and Takasago Midden.

Toyako Forest Museum

It is in Nakajima in Lake Toya.

Abashiri Municipal Provincial Museum

A museum where you can learn the history and culture of Abashiri.

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