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List of articles of Pond

Torinuma Park

Torinuma Park, full of nature is located in the suburbs of Furano.

Nishiki Onuma park

A comprehensive park with Nishiki-Onuma and Nishiki-Konuma.

Uryunuma-shitsugen Marsh

One of Hokkaido's secret bases. Alpine plants can be seen.

Lake Onneto

A brackish lake of around 15 km. The view from Innenuma Ohashi is superb

Kaminoko Ike Pond

It is a pond of blue fresh water said to have been form by underground water (Subterranean river) at Lake Mashu.

Takinoue Ukishima(Floating island)

It is a high marsh with 850 meters above sea level and an area of about 700 hectares, with swamps of various sizes dotted.

Hyotannuma Park

The central swamp where Hokkaido Komagatake can be seen is shaped like a gourd.

Sarubo Observatory

It is a view point that can overlook Lake Torogo and wetlands with 360 degree panorama.

Sarurun Observatory

You can look the four swamps of Sarurun swamp, pontō, Eoruto swamp, makuntō.

Himenuma Observatory

It is a place around the Oshidomari Port with an ocean view.

Otatomari Swamp

This is the model used for the packaging of Shiroi Koibito.

Kagami Numa(Marsh)

On a day without wind, it reflects the surrounding scenery like a mirror.

Half Moon Shore Nature Park

A lake in the shape of a half moon at the foot of Mt.Yotei.

Niseko Oyunuma

The bog of the hot spring in Niseko Yumoto Onsen.

Iwamizawa Taisho Pond

An oasis of the citizen where the walking path of 1 lap 3 km was developed.

Lake Miyajimanuma

宮島沼(MIYAJIMANUMA)。Early in spring. 70 thousand Bird of departure.

Nanae Onuma

Onuma is also a generic term for Onuma National Monument Park. Pleasure boats, boats, surroundings can be enjoyed by cycling.

Nanae Konuma

It is connected with Onuma and 31 islands float on the Konuma side.

Lake Junsainuma

Swamp away from Onuma and Konuma. You can take a walk on the lakeside.

Toroko Eco Museum Center

You can see the structure, history, animals and plants etc of "Kushiro Wetland".

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