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List of articles of Rock

Hidaka Mountain Range Museum

At the Hidaka Mountain Range Museum, There are exhibitions such as rock and fossil displays that keep the magnificence of nature alive.

Kuguri Iwa

It is a hole drilled to support herring fishery about 400 years ago.

Eboshi Iwa Rryujin Iishi

Both stones are praying for the prosperity of Mitsuya village.

Momo Iwa

There is a large peach shaped rock (Momoiwa).

Semposhi Misaki Park

There are fishing spots, beaches, natural sea observation sites.

Setakamui Iwa

The strangely shaped rock which is especially famous have a height of approximately 80 meters.

Tokkarisho Observatory

One of Muroran Hakkei. You can feel strong in green belt and rough scenery of strange rocks and cliffs.

Masuichi Beach

One of Muroran Hakkei. candle rock, gulls rock


A rock overlapping the sunset resembles a candle.

Ebisu-iwa, Daikoku-iwa

Ebisu-iwa, Daikoku-iwa

Setana Oyako Kumaiwa

It was named because the shape of the rock resembles a bear of a parent and child. It is a cute spot.

Obako, Kobako

※ "Kobako" The walk is currently prohibited.

Hiyama Prefectural Natural Park

A park which is primarily located on the Sea of Japan side of the southwest of Hokkaido.

Ishiyama Open Space

Art space by Sapporo resident sculptor group CINQ can be seen throughout.

Cape Hanasaki ‘Kurumaishi’

This is a rare basalt radial joint shaped like a car wheel

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