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Hakodate Siden Route

It is a route map of Hakodate tram.

Hakodate Ekimae (Tram)

Hakodate Ekimae (Tram)

Goryokaku-koen-mae (Tram)

Goryokaku-koen-mae (Tram)

Yachigashira (Tram)

If you want to go to Yachigashira Onsen, Cape Tachimachi, is by this station.

Jujigai (Tram)

The nearest station convenient for sightseeing such as the "Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse" and the historical district of Motomachi, Mt.Hakodate ropeway, the old crossroad shopping street.

Suehiro-cho (Tram)

Suehiro-cho (Tram) It is a major point of sightseeing spots.

Hakodate Dock-mae (Tram)

"Koryu-ji Temple","Shomyo-ji Temple","Old Russian Consulate","Hakodate Foreigners’ Cemetery" and "Uomizaka slope", etc. It is the main aera of sightseeing spots different from the history of Hakodate Motomachi area.

Hakodate’s trams

There are two platforms from Yunokawa, 1 heading to Yachigashira and 1 heading to Hakodate Dock.

Sapporo Streetcar

Take a full round trip loop on the streetcar! It is approximately 54 minutes to reach the 23 stations on either the inner or outer loop.

Displays 1〜9 of the 9 in order