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List of articles of Visitor center

Tokachishikaoi Geopark Visitor Center

You can learn about how the lands of Tokachi and Shikaoi were formed, and how the people and animals live there.

Toyako Visitor Center

Observation information around Lake Toya, natural history of Mt.Usu Volcano, animals and plants inhabiting the surroundings.

Horonobe Visitor Center

Information education facility to nurture eyes to see nature, to learn and to naturally learn.

Rusa Field House

Facilities that provide rules, manner and local real-time information.

Takarada Nature Experience House

It is a visitor facility of the Ministry of the Environment.

Rausu Visitor Center

Introducing the sea, mountains, rivers and culture of Shiretoko. Introduces real nature.

Higashitaisetsu Nature Center

Facilities that introduce flora and fauna and sightseeing spots.

Asahidake Visitor Center

Mountain-climbing of Asahidake · Information on nature is here first.

Onnenai Visitor Center

There is a visitor center in the back where you got off the wooden stairs from the parking lot.

Mt. Apoi Geopark Visitor Center

It also provides real-time information on alpine plants, brown bears and other things to make climbing Mt. Apoi a safe and pleasant experience.

Lake Shikotsu Visitor Center

It displays the nature of Lake Shikotsu in an easy to understand manner.

Nopporo Forest Park Visitors Center

Nopporo Visitors center Shinrin Park nature.

Centennial Memorial Tower

The Centennial Memorial Tower pictured. Commemorating 100 years of Hokkaido reclamation (1968)

Sounkyo Visitor Center

Information on Daisetsuzan National Park is here.

Shiretoko Goko Lakes Field House

Entrance of ground walking path.

Shiretoko Nature Center

Providing various information about the nature of the Shiretoko area.

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