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List of articles of Waterfall

Nature Designing

Let’s enjoy various experiences in the vast nature of Hidaka!

Shiraito waterfalls

I defy you to find a more atmospheric waterfall than the incredible Furube Otaki.

Hakko Gakuen Iris Garden

The park is open for approximately two weeks of the year. 100,000 irises of 450 kind bloom beautifully.

Ashiribetsu Waterfall

One of the power spots

Rokumei Waterfall

The waterfall of the Chimikeppu River.

Kamuiwakka Hot Falls

it is like a hot spring where the whole river flows.

Oshinkoshin Waterfall

It is one of "100 waterfalls in Japan".

Rokumei Waterfall

It was named from the location condition where the deer comes to drink water.

Seseki Waterfall

It is a waterfall at the easternmost end of Japan that can be reached by car.

Shirahige Waterfalls

Bear the main stream of the Biei river, draining a few ten thin lines. Rare underground water falls.

Biei Fudo Waterfall

A beautiful waterfall surrounded by trees on the way of Shirakaba road.

Shikishima Waterfall

The Chubetsu River is said to be the Niagara of the East because of its width and sudden drops.

Hagoromo Waterfall

The falls of the river here is No.1 of Hokkaido.

Sandan Falls

It is one of Ashibetsu-go-taki (Meoto Falls, Sorachi Falls, Sandan Falls, shichiya no Falls, hachigatsu Sawa no Falls).

Takimi Bridge

A landmark of autumn leaves. The contrast with the waterfall is beautiful.


Sobakudai is a place where you can see both of these two waterfalls at the same time.

Shamisen Waterfall

The sound of the clear stream flowing through the rock sounds like a tone in the shamisen

16 Waterfalls in Niubu

"16 Waterfalls in Niubu" is the 16 waterfalls scattered in the area of Niupu.

Sangai Waterfall

The waterfall falling 10 meters in depth into three layers is a masterpiece.

Garo Waterfall

Although the bear may appear in the season, the negative ion here is excellent.

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