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List of articles of Around Sapporo Station

Sapporo Station Bus Terminal

Sapporo Station Bus Terminal


Officially named "Legs, traveler's afterimage"


An art object 2.6 meters tall and 4 meters wide, at the south exit of Sapporo Station.

Hokkaido-Sapporo Tourist Information Center

Tourist information desk, English, Chinese & Korean language supported (Station Station).

Popular sweets and foods
(Sapporo Tokyu Department Store, B1F)

Japanese new sweets and confectionaries, popular Bento, Japanese Sake, wine etc.

Popular household goods, Japanese crafts
(Sapporo Tokyu Department Store, 6F)

A wide selection of household goods and Japanese crafts

Popular cosmetics
(Sapporo Tokyu Department Store, 1F)

such as popular Shiseido, SKⅡ and Clé de Peau Beauté

Kita 1-jo Sapporo history photo gallery

Photo gallery of the Kita 1-jo underground passage.

Bust of Dr. Inazo Nitobe

Learn from Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University.

Akarenga Terrace

Shops & and restaurants in front of the Hokkaido Government Office.


The underground walkway which connects Odori Subway Station to Sapporo Subway Station.

Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku

An assembly of Hokkaido's popular ramen restaurants!

JR Tower Observation Deck T38

This is Hokkaido’s largest class of shopping center boasting approximately 600 stores.

Sapporo Tokyu Department Store

The department stores directly linked to Sapporo station.

Tokyu Hands Sapporo

This is a very popular department store where you can find a variety of unique products.

Uni Murakami

Year round we offer fresh, delicious and additive free sea urchins.

Displays 1〜18 of the 18 in order