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List of articles of Sapporo

Jozankei Farm

“Jozankei Farm” is a 21 hectare orchard garden surrounded by nature.

MaxValu maruyama class

It is the supermarket directly connected to Maruyama Koen Subway Station.

Namaramu Jingisukan(fresh lamb Mongolian style BBQ)Yamagoya

Cleanly processing unwanted fatty meat and muscle to make great meat.

Iwato Kannondo

Inside the hall is a mysterious cave. A must-see!

Jozankei Local Museum

On display is information on the history of the Jozankei.

Chuo Bus Sapporo Terminal

Chuo Bus Sapporo Terminal

Fuji Megane Tanukikoji Main store

We can ship glasses internationally and domestically.

Sapporo Station Bus Terminal

Sapporo Station Bus Terminal

ISHIYA CAFÉ Sapporo Odori West 4 Building

Original sweets café under direct management of Shiroi Koibito's Ishiya

Sapporo Mitsukoshi

There is a 5% discount guest card issued at the tax-free counter aimed at foreign visitors to Japan.

#C-pla in Tanukikoji 5 chome

Go to the capsule toy specialty store in Tanukikoji 5 chome!

Daimaru Fujii CENTRAL

The largest in Hokkaido, only here in Japan. It is a stationery specialty store established in its hometown.

Uoya itcho

There is an array of Hokkaido seafood. Please enjoy Hokkaido the land of seafood at our restaurant.

Okadama Airport

Airport in Sapporo city.

Jozankei Shrine

Power spot for love, marriage, & business prosperity.

Jozankei Onsen

Jozankei Onsen autumn leaves.

Munich Bridge

A cable diagonally stretched from the tower is a beautiful Cable-stayed bridge.

Toyohira River

A river flowing through the city center of Sapporo. Citizen resting river.

Kamokamo River

A river that diverges from the Toyohiragawa River and flows into the Sosei River.

Sapporo Central Wholesale Market Curb Market

About 60 shops are lined up in the open-air market opened for general citizens.

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