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List of articles of Sapporo

Koganeyu Onsen

Koganei Onsen Matsu no yu

Hongo Shin Memorial Museum of Sculpture, Sapporo

Collection of works of sculptor "Shin hongou".

Sapporo Salmon Museum

The facilities where you can learn about Hokkaido's typical fish, the salmon.

Katsugen Shrine

“Katsugen”(The very popular of drink in Hokkaido) is written as a “win source”(勝源,win source), popular with students

Megmilk Snow Brand Museum

Introduce the previously used machine and the model of the current factory.

The Sapporo Kaitakushi Beer Brewery

In 1876, the first Japanese beer making by hand was held here.

Kita 24-jo shopping district

Northern 24th area lively as a shopping area in residential area of Sapporo.

Kotoni shopping district

The vibrant Kotoni neighborhood functioning as a shopping street in a Sapporo residential area.

Sapporo Morning Market

Selling all products at wholesale prices.

Sapporo Factory

Complex commercial facility which can enjoy shopping, gourmet, movies etc in Sapporo city Chuo Ward.

The Ganso Sapporo Ramen Yokocho

Yokocho that 17 popular Ramen stores gather.

Sapporo Chikagai “Aurora town”

The underground walkway between Odoori Station & T.V. Tower.

Sapporo Chikagai “Pole Town”

The underground walkway between Odoori Station & Susukino Station.

Sapporo Orthodox Church

The association which belongs to the Japanese Christian orthodox church.

Kitaichijo Catholic Church

A beautiful Catholic church that was first missioned in Sapporo

Suitengu Shrine

Power spot to be safely delivered of a baby

Teine Shrine

The rear shrine at Mount Teine's mountaintop.


A power spot for safe child delivery and matchmaking.

Sapporo Suwa Shrine

Power spot to be safely delivered of a baby

Sapporo Fushimi Inari Shrine

Do you wish to increase your fortune with money? The special Fushimi Inari of lined up bright red gates.

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