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Mt. Komagatake

Donan landmark shaped like a horse's back with an altitude of 1132 m.
The mountain trail is about 900 meters for beginners.
I will climb the course of about an hour and feel the majesty of Hokkaido such as Uchiurawan bay and Mt.Yotei.
After Shimoyama, the hot spring is good.
Honbetsu, shikabe-cho, Kayabe District, Hokkaido
【Access to Mt.Komagatake Mountain trail (6th station 1st parking lot)

<Use private car>

From Hakodate:
Take Route No.5 north to Oshamanbe/Sapporo area,
Turn right at the intersection of the Onuma Park IC.
From the intersection to the 6th station 1st parking lot, about 6.5 km.
From Akaigawa climbing gate is a simple paved road about 2.2km.
After that 1.1km is a dirt road. The road width is narrow and the vehicle can not intersect.


<Using a taxi>

About 14Km, one way from JR Onuma Park Station. About 3,500 yen

※ There is no taxi waiting around JR Akaigawa station.


<Using JR>

Get off at JR Akaigawa station. Approximately 7km from JR Akaigawa Station (about 2.5hours on foot).

※ Please use local train. Express does not stop.
6th station parking lot only

【Drinking fountains】

【mobile phone】
The whole area of the mountain trail place is docomo, au, softbank
Mobile phones can be used.

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