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Matsumae-Yagoshi Prefectural Natural Park

The southernmost tip of Hokkaido, the natural park of the shoreline around the Shirakami Cape. The Yagoshi Cape of Shiriuchi is a popular spot for a blue cave cruise. Admittance is not permitted, however there is the uninhabited islands of Oshima and Kojima which are registered as natural monuments as breeding places for seabirds. This park is an important passage for migratory birds such as rhinoceros auklets, spectacled guillemots, eastern crowned warblers, Japanese white-eyes, and Eurasian siskins. It's a treasure house of nature.


The Blue Cave of Yagoshi Cape (Permission to access required)


The uninhabited island of Oshima Oshima (Largely unknown by Hokkaido citizens)


Spectacled guillemots

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