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List of articles of Matsumae


In Hokuohirin, there is a statue to Kaneko Outei, a writer from Matsumae, and his students.

Monument of Friendship between Japan and England for Cherry Tree Appreciation

It was erected in May 2016 as a testament to the exchange between Japan and the UK through cherry blossoms.

Orito-hama Beach

The beach is part of the Matsumae Yaguchi Nature Park and is located in Matsumae Town.

Kitamaebune Matsumae Rest Area

This roadside station is located in Matsumae, the southernmost town in Hokkaido.


The town is known for its cherry blossoms.

Cape Shirakami

Hokkaido’s southernmost point

Aunji Temple

Moved here around 1617 to protect the demon gate of Matsumae Castle (the area to north east of one's position believed to be unlucky).

Matsumae Shrine

Here is the sword presented when the Takeda clan acting as an initiator to Matsumae feudal clan ended the Ainu revolt of Koshamain, and the paulownia wooden sculpture received from Hideyoshi Toyotomi.

Matusmae Park

Hokkaido's most famous area for Sakura (cherry blossoms) chosen as one of the 100 famous sakura locations in Japan.

Kouzenji Temple

One of the three cherry blossoms in Matsumae-cho.

Matsumae Clan Mansion

Enjoy learning about the life of samurai at a place that once flourished as a castle town.

Matsumae Castle

Matsumae castle with triple castle tower is expansion and renovation of former Fukuyama pavilion.

Matsumae-Yagoshi Prefectural Natural Park

The southernmost tip of Hokkaido, the park of the shoreline around the Shirakami Cape.

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