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Sapporo Beer Hokkaido Factory

Have you ever drink a fresh draft beer?
It is possible only in the factory, in fact it is the first luxury for beer lovers.

This factory in Japan is tasting server now. Beer bitterness? That taste that people who are weak for beer often say.
Drink it!

542-1 Toiso, Eniwa-shi, Hokkaidō

JR: Get off at the "Sapporo Beer Garden" station on the JR Chitose Line (about 10 minutes on foot to the bus stop)

Bus: Chuo Bus (Sapporo - Chitose Line) Get off at "Sapporo Beer Hokkaido factory" (about 5 minutes on foot)

By car: Route 36 from Sapporo city approximately 50 minutes

* Business days and hours are subject to change due to the influence of Novel Cornavirus (COVID-19).

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