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List of articles of Gourmet food

AEON Chitose

We have a great variety of dining options including food court, restaurant area, bento lunches and drinks.

AEON Asahikawa Nagayama

Locally popular suburban stores.

AEON Asahikawa Nishi

Locally popular suburban stores.

AEON Yunokawa

Locally popular suburban stores.

AEON Shinsapporo

ATMs accepting foreign credit cards

AEON Otaru

We have a large selection of Japanese daily goods.

AEON Sapporo Soen

Business from early morning to late night

AEON Kamiiso

Locally popular suburban stores.

MaxValu Wakamatsu

It is a supermarket shopping area around Hakodate Station.

MaxValu maruyama class

It is the supermarket directly connected to Maruyama Koen Subway Station.

MaxValu Kutchan

It is the nearest supermarket shopping area to the Niseko skiing area.

Kitamaebune Matsumae Rest Area

This roadside station is located in Matsumae, the southernmost town in Hokkaido.

Roadside Rest Area Kaminokuni-Monju

Roadside Rest Area Kaminokuni-Monju is located along the coast. You can enjoy a spectacular view of the Sea of Japan.

Shibata Shoten / Mori’s original specialty, squid rice

Mori is the birthplace of "Ika-Meshi," which was sold as an ekiben (station lunch) since the 1960s and is still popular nationwide.

Road Side Rest Area Utoro-Shirietoku

Please drop by here before heading out for sightseeing in Shiretoko!

UPOPOY (National Ainu Museum and Park)

Upopoy serves as the national center for the revival and development of Ainu culture.

the Road Station “Jukai Road Hidaka”

Please drop in before entering the mountain pass.


You can buy the specialty of Lake Onuma "Onuma dumpling".


Impressive with its art object of the big potato.

Tokachi Millennium Forest

The Millennium Forest evaluated as the most beautiful garden in the world in a English garden contest.

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