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List of articles of New Chitose Airport Area

Otaru Aquarium

You can meet approximately 10,000 varieties of sea life.

Iwato Kannondo

Inside the hall is a mysterious cave. A must-see!

Jozankei Local Museum

On display is information on the history of the Jozankei.

Otaru Station Bus Terminal

There are coin lockers and an information area supporting English, Chinese, and Korean.

Chuo Bus Sapporo Terminal

Chuo Bus Sapporo Terminal

Fuji Megane Tanukikoji Main store

We can ship glasses internationally and domestically.

Sapporo Station Bus Terminal

Sapporo Station Bus Terminal


Hokkaido's fresh ingredients presented delicately, but boldly as Ezomae sushi and broiled dishes in an innovative culinary form in Otaru

Buffet restaurant Sizzle

Buffet restaurant offering carefully selected ingredients and culinary creations.

BAR Duomo Rosso

Charcuterie and authentic bar with a great view featuring a circular layout and a domed roof


Offering coffee specially brewed with a French press

#C-pla in Tanukikoji 5 chome

Go to the capsule toy specialty store in Tanukikoji 5 chome!

Arten Auto Resort Tomakomai

Recognized by Japan Auto Camping Federation as a five star auto-camping site, “Arten”

Yubutsu Museum

Approximately 1,000 warriors of Hachioji settled by the Edo Shogunate ordered around 1800 before the Tondenhei soldier arrived at the Hokkaido guards are exhibiting materials.

Midorigaoka Park

It is a big park of 420,000 square meters located about 3 km southwest of the suburbs of the city.

Lake Utonai Sanctuary “Nature Center”

In 1981, Wild Bird Society of Japan (WBSJ) established the first sanctuary of Japan

Marutoma Shokudo

If you want eat a surf clam in Tomakomai specialty is here.

Tomakomai Art Museum

You can learn Tomakomai's history and nature.

Tomakomai Science Center

Exhibition of a spare aircraft of the former Soviet space station, "Mir", which has only one machine in the world. You can visit the "Mir" inside the laboratory and the toilet for immobility.

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