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List of articles of Wakkanai Airport Area

Michi-no-Eki “Wakkanai”

This is the northernmost roadside station in Japan located at the end of Route 40, which is connected with JR Wakkanai Station.

Michi-no-Eki “Pinneshiri”

The log-house-style Michi-no-eki station is also the management building of the auto campground.

Michi-no-Eki “Marine Island Okashima”

Road station in the shape of a boat overlooking the Sea of Okhotsk

Michi-no-Eki “Bifuka”

There is a birch forest park where the Teshio River flows, and there are plenty of outdoor fields such as hot springs, campsites and cottages.


The town on the border with Russia with Cape Soya, Japan's northernmost point.


Rishiri Fuji is famous.


An island popular for its low-land alpine plants.

Shosanbetsu Observatory

You can watch the shining stars in the night sky up close with the established 65 cm forks type reflector astronomical telescope which boasts being Northern Hokkaido's biggest.

Shosanbetsu Konpira Shrine

It's the perfect place for quintessential Hokkaido photography with the setting sun captured inside the torii gate, the rippling waves, at dusk or starry sky.

Misakidai Park

There are hot spring facilities (Misaki Center, and Misaki Hot Spring), an astronomical observatory, an auto camping area, a campground, a park golf course, and also a go-cart ground.

Rishiri Folk Museum

This facility displays the Rishiri diorama, the life from primitive times to the modern reclamation period and the atmosphere of the herring fishing grounds.

Oshidomariko Ferry Terminal

Rishiritō , Rebuntō Island and Wakkanai ferry arrival and departure ports

Cape Kutsugata Park

Backed by Rishiri Fuji. It makes a great place to take a commemorative picture.

Rebun Alpine Botanical Garden

Approximately 20,000 alpine plants of 50 varieties bloom on the island seasonally pleasing the eyes here.

Cape Sukai

The inlet with transparent water and nature which the cape overlooks creates a superb view.

Unimuki Experience Center

You can eat the best sea urchin of Rebun Island for 800 yen each.

Rebun Folk Museum

This facility introduces the models of plants and animals designated as natural monuments and displays of the excavated items of the Jomon period.

Kafukako Ferry Terminal

Rishiritō , Rebuntō Island and Wakkanai ferry arrival and departure ports

Rebun Usuyuki Onsen

The first hot spring facilities in Rebun Island which opened in October, 2009.

Momo Iwa

There is a large peach shaped rock (Momoiwa).

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