Yoichi Fisheries Museum

Bezaisen (Fishing vessel) and living goods around the time of herring fishermen are displayed.

Yoichi Winery

Yoichi Town is known as a fruit town boasting the total production of grapes, apples and pears.

Kakizaki Shoten

Kakisaki shop in Yoichi which became completely famous. 1F is a shop, 2F is a dining room.

Cape Shiripa

From Otaru going to Yoichi you will see Cape Shiripa.

Fugoppe Cave

About 5000 years ago, it is said to be a mural painting of the era when Jomon people were in Hokkaido.

Old Yoichi Fukuhara gyoba

A fishing ground and a barn (a house) when the surrounding sea flourished with herring fishery.
Fukuhara family.


A rock overlapping the sunset resembles a candle.

Fruit Park Niki

Specialty cherries, apples, grapes and other fruits, lavender, cosmos etc


The root of Shakotan Peninsula. A fishing village that prospered in herring fishing.