Tokachi Hills

A complex where nature and flowers collaborate.
There is also a restaurant.

Obihiro Airport

The doorway to Tokachi sightseeing.
About 40 minutes by bus to Obihiro city center.

Horse Museum

Displaying items and agricultural machinery of the farm horse which played an active part in the reclamation era of Tokachi.

Yachiyo Public Rearing Farm

1500 head of cattle are grazing, and there is a lodging and training facility where you can have a learning experience.

Old Kofuku Station

A famous station on the old Hiroo line which was famous for “From patriotism to happiness”.

Shichiku Garden

It is a flower garden of 18,000 tsubo which want to play with flowers all day.

Manabe Garden

There are three themes: Japanese garden, Western style garden, landscape style garden.

Banei Horseracing

World-class horseracing. Large 1-ton horses pull 1-ton iron sleighs at high speeds competing around a 200m linear course.


The central city of the Tokachi Plains.

Hokkaido Hotel

You will a relaxing holiday in this high quality hot spring hotel.