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List of articles of Iburi area

UPOPOY (National Ainu Museum and Park)

Upopoy serves as the national center for the revival and development of Ainu culture.

Toya Guide Center

The Toya Guide Center is a canoe and walking guide company around Lake Toya.

Arten Auto Resort Tomakomai

Recognized by Japan Auto Camping Federation as a five star auto-camping site, “Arten”

Yubutsu Museum

Approximately 1,000 warriors of Hachioji settled by the Edo Shogunate ordered around 1800 before the Tondenhei soldier arrived at the Hokkaido guards are exhibiting materials.

Midorigaoka Park

It is a big park of 420,000 square meters located about 3 km southwest of the suburbs of the city.

Lake Utonai Sanctuary “Nature Center”

In 1981, Wild Bird Society of Japan (WBSJ) established the first sanctuary of Japan

Marutoma Shokudo

If you want eat a surf clam in Tomakomai specialty is here.

Tomakomai Art Museum

You can learn Tomakomai's history and nature.

Tomakomai Science Center

Exhibition of a spare aircraft of the former Soviet space station, "Mir", which has only one machine in the world. You can visit the "Mir" inside the laboratory and the toilet for immobility.

Tomakomai Garo Gorge

It is a sightseeing spot in Hokkaido which can be said to be a perfect hole.

Tomakomai – Lake Shikotsu cycling road

Cycling road to Lake Shikotsu with a total length of 17km

Ikoro no Mori

Based on diverse plants nurturing the rich nature of Hokkaido, eleven kinds of different such as Rose Garden, White Garden and Border Garden.

Nishiki Onuma park

A comprehensive park with Nishiki-Onuma and Nishiki-Konuma.

Umi No Eki Puratto Port Market

Tomakomai is the catch shellfish production area of Japan No.1, and fresh fish shellfish, vegetables and fruits are also available on Minato Market.


Repeated several eruptions during a long history It is an active volcano that is said to have made lake Shikotsu and Toyako.

Lake Utonai

It is famous worldwide as a collective flight area of Anser albifrons and swan.

Tomakomai Station Bus Stop

1 minute walk from Tomakomai station

Tomakomai East Port Shubun Ferry Terminal

The route from here is two routes between Tsuruga Port of Shin Nihonkai Ferry and Tsuruga Port via Akita Port , Niigata Port of Shin Nihonkai Ferry.

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