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List of articles of Iburi area

Mt. Tarumae Shrine

There are "shellfish fortune" sacred lots in the design of surf clam placed about from the local sacred lot series. Look for them!


A prominent shipping port of Hokkaido.

JR Tomakomai Station

Timetable published

Bankei Onsen

There are several natural bathtubs in the river beach of Osaru river flowing through Bankei onsen.

Roadside Station Lake Utonai

Located on Route 36, there is an observatory adjacent to the lake giving uninterrupted 360 degree view of Lake Utonai.

Michi-no-Eki Date Rekishi no mori

Introducing the unique culture & history and sightseeing information of Date.

Volcano Science Museum

Introduce the volcanic activity of Mt.Usu at video, commentary, sensory equipment etc.

Toyako Visitor Center

Observation information around Lake Toya, natural history of Mt.Usu Volcano, animals and plants inhabiting the surroundings.

Toyako Onsen

As a hot spring resort that lasts 100 years, it is a precious in japan.

Michi-no-Eki “Lake Toya”

You can taste vegetables of the farmlands around Lake Toya and the seafood of the volcanic bay.

Mt. Showa Shinzan

A mountain formed by uplift of wheat fields in the eruption activity of 1943.

Mt. Usu

Double active volcano on the south coast of Lake Toya.You can see the crater at the ropeway.

Usuzan Ropeway

About 6 minutes from the mountainside Station of Mt.Showa-shinzan to the mountaintop Station of Mt.Usu.

Toya Mizunoeki

It is on the northern coast of Lake Toyako and is offering sightseeing and event information.

Indian Water Wheel

You can see salmon swimming upstream through glass windows.


The town with the beautiful volcanic Lake Toya.


A domestically famous hot spring area, the town with Noboribetsu Hot Spring.

Shadai Stallion Station

Japan's largest ranch for raising stallions (studhorses).

Tsurunoyu Onsen

It is a hot spring where you can see wonderful lotus flowers (August).

Kitayuzawa Onsen

The rich water that springs out from the Osaru River is a simple hydrogen sulfide spring.

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