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List of articles of Ishikari area

Shiroishi Cycling Road

Cycle FUN is an irresistible road with a total length of 19.8 km.

Bust of Dr. Inazo Nitobe

Learn from Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University.

Statue of Kiyotaka Kuroda

Former Hokkaido pioneering general secretary, later Prime Minister.

Kita 3-jo Kaitakushi Dori

The main road of the Sapporo reclamation era.

Visiting Sites of Shinsen-Gumi Regimental Soldier

Former Shinsengumi Group 2 captain of Corps , Hokkaido University Swordsmen.

The Red Brick Northern Territories Museum

Former Hokkaidō Government Office 2F.

Sapporo Buried Cultural Property Center

Displaying earthenware vessels and a stone implements excavated in Sapporo.

Hokkaido Railway Technology Museum

Can understand the railroad situation in northern countries.

Maruyama’s 88 sites

The small Daishido enshrined statue area is an appropriate starting point for climbing.

Sapporo Olympic Museum

Exhibition on Sapporo Olympic Games and experiences of winter sports.

Yurigahara Park

About 6400 kinds of flowers and plants parks

Sapporo Science Center

Artificial snowfall machine and artificial aurora generator, simulated experience of space adventure.

Sunpiazza Aquarium

A compact city-type aquarium located next to a large-scale shopping center.

Akarenga Terrace

Shops & and restaurants in front of the Hokkaido Government Office.

Sapporo Beer Museum

Come to understand to history of beer brewing and the kinds of manufacturing methods.

Sosei River Park

The Soseigawa River which divides the east and west of Sapporo has been turned into a park.

Bronze statue of Kametaro Otomo

A central figure of the Sapporo reclamation.

Sapporo Streetcar

Take a full round trip loop on the streetcar! It is approximately 54 minutes to reach the 23 stations on either the inner or outer loop.

Yonbangai shopping district

Central downtown until approximately ten years ago.

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