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List of articles of Ishikari area


Hokkaido's largest class! Weatherproof indoor mall.

Sapporo Beer Hokkaido Factory

Have you ever drink a fresh draft beer? It is possible only in the factory, in fact it is the first luxury for beer lovers.

Lake Eniwa

Eniwa City has a scenic spot call Eniwa Valley. The central is Lake Ehiki.

Hana Road Eniwa Rest Area

Eniwa is my home town of admiration because I am "a flower lover" nowadays, but each person adorned my own garden with flowers.

Eniwa Keikoku

Here is the beauty that people to say autumn leaves No1.

Ebetsu Tonden Farm

Here you can enjoy experience with pastures where you can interact with lovely animals, shopping for homemade ham · sausage, restaurant with natural food type.

Nopporo Tondenhei

This building is a house where the family of tondenhei soldier Yukawa were lived (from Hiroshima) . It is the oldest existing residence, you can also visit in Kotoni, Nishi-ku, Sapporo.

Ebetsu Tonden Museum

This is the building of the second headquarters headquarters.

Ebri Nopporo

A commercial facility of renovation that made use of the building of the former brick factory.

Ebetsu City Ceramic Art Center

Exhibition hall with themes of pottery and bricks.

Takeyama-kogen Onsen

The Onsen is popular. Guests can enjoy accommodation, meals, and day-trip hot springs. This place is a well-kept secret

Kururu no Mori

Fresh agricultural products direct selling place, popular facilities in rural restaurants.

Kitahiroshima Onsen Morinoyu

This is a hot spring of Yamane-en complex facilities (park golf, restaurant, natural hot spring).

Royce Futomi Factory

Royce Confection famous for chocolate.

Tappunoyu Onsen

100% natural hot spring without any filtration or additives. Please come and visit us after playing at Lake Shinotsu.

Lake Shinotsu

Shinsen lake frozen in winter is famous for fishing fish.

Ebetsu Machimura Farm Memorial

A place to tell the foundation of Hokkaido dairy farm.


Susukino is known as the northernmost red light district in Asia.

Former Shimamatsu “Ekiteisho”

It is pioneering phase of the Hokkaidou With had station building and a horse,It was set up to catch the accommodation and transportation.

Lake Shikotsu Visitor Center

It displays the nature of Lake Shikotsu in an easy to understand manner.

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