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List of articles of Ishikari area

Kitaichijo Catholic Church

A beautiful Catholic church that was first missioned in Sapporo

Suitengu Shrine

Power spot to be safely delivered of a baby

Teine Shrine

The rear shrine at Mount Teine's mountaintop.


A power spot for safe child delivery and matchmaking.

Sapporo Suwa Shrine

Power spot to be safely delivered of a baby

Sapporo Fushimi Inari Shrine

Do you wish to increase your fortune with money? The special Fushimi Inari of lined up bright red gates.

Kaitaku Shrine

Hokkaido dedicates 37 pioneering workers

Sapporo Gokoku Shrine

A shrine that worships martyrs.

Miyoshi Shrine

Why not take a moment to pray to the god of learning, and the god of business?

Hokkaido Shrine Tongu

The place where the portable shrine rests in the annual festival at the provisional shrine of the Hokkaido major shrine.

North Safari Sapporo

An interactive zoo where you can interact with animals

Sapporo Maruyama Zoo

This is a spectacular zoo where you can see the animals up-close.

Horomi Pass Lavender Garden

The lavender spreading out over the ground is just like a purple carpet!

Sapporo Station

Sapporo Station

Hokkaido General Museum

Located in Hokkaido Prefectural natural Park Nopporo Forest Park, or Shinrin Koen, (The designated park which memorialized 100 years of Hokkaido reclamation).

Hakko Gakuen Iris Garden

The park is open for approximately two weeks of the year. 100,000 irises of 450 kind bloom beautifully.

Ashiribetsu Waterfall

One of the power spots

Jugoshima Park

The popular Jugoshima Park located along Toyohira River.

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