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List of articles of Kushiro area

Akankohan Eco Museum Center

Akan Mashu National Park

Akanko Onsen

Feel the tourist resort of Hokkaido.

Fisherman’s Wharf MOO

A general shopping center with a tourist information office.

Kushiroshitsugen National Park

A national park of East Hokkaido.

Akan-Mashu National Park

A national park of East Hokkaido.

Akkeshi Kiritappu Konbumori Quasi-National Park

A rare park where you can view alpine plants, shore-plants, and marshland plants.

JR Akkeshi Station

Akkeshi Station is a railway station on the “Hanasaki Line” section of the JR Hokkaido Nemuro Main Line.

Toro Station


Shibecha Station

The station which SL Fuyu-no-Shitsugen-gou stop in winter.

Akan International Crane Center GRUS

Divided into a display corner regarding Japanese cranes and an observation center.

Kushiro-shi Marshland Observation Platform

Suited to those who want to learn deeply about the marshlands through exhibits that include dioramas.

Ainu village

Come to understand the state of the Ainu village. Hand-carving folk crafts, and the cuisine of the Ainu.

Kushiro Washo Market

Known as the kitchen of Kushiro, popular among tourists with the kattedon, or as you like it bowl.

Lake Akan

The whole area is included in Akan National Park, and the lake moss balls that are a natural treasure are famous.

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