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List of articles of Shikabe

Shikabe Shuccho Jo (Bus)

Shikabe Kanketsusen park - Onumen Park - Hakodate area - Minamikayabe direction - Oshamanbu area - Mori direction

Shikabe Inari Shrine

The Shinto shrine which is located in the Shikabe City area offering divine favor for prayers for safety.


It is an onsen (hot spring) town with a geyser.

Shikabe Kanketsusen Park

Every 10 minutes the hot spring blows 500 liters approximately 15 meters into the air at a time.

Shikabe Park

There are riverbeds that can play in the river, walking paths, athletic playground equipment, etc. It is popular as a place for people's relaxation.

Hyotannuma Park

The central swamp where Hokkaido Komagatake can be seen is shaped like a gourd.

Mt. Komagatake

Donan landmark shaped like a horse's back with an altitude of 1132 m.

Shikabe Airport

Shikaba airfield is Japan's largest as a private airfield.

Shamisen Waterfall

The sound of the clear stream flowing through the rock sounds like a tone in the shamisen

Michi-no-Eki “Shikabe Geyser Park”

Shikabe special product sales, dining hall and so on. It is also an entrance to Geyser Park.

Esan Prefectural Natural Park

The park which is located in the southeast coast of the Oshima peninsula.

Onuma Quasi-National Park

In this area, there is Mt. Komagatake and the three lakes of Onuma, Lake Onuma, Lake Konuma, and Lake Junsainuma.

Hot Spring Steaming Corner

There’s hot spring steaming pots where you can cook the ingredients by steaming.

Fishing Port Fishing Experience (with equipment rental)

You can enjoy fishing at the fishing port of Shikabe. You don't need to prepare for anything.

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