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List of articles of Otaru

AEON Otaru

We have a large selection of Japanese daily goods.

Tanaka Sake Brewery Kikkogura

"Kikkogura" brewery utilizes the cold climate of Hokkaido allowing for "four-seasons brewing", brewing all year round, making it an uncommon sake brewery.

Otaru Aquarium

You can meet approximately 10,000 varieties of sea life.

Otaru Station Bus Terminal

There are coin lockers and an information area supporting English, Chinese, and Korean.


Hokkaido's fresh ingredients presented delicately, but boldly as Ezomae sushi and broiled dishes in an innovative culinary form in Otaru

Buffet restaurant Sizzle

Buffet restaurant offering carefully selected ingredients and culinary creations.

BAR Duomo Rosso

Charcuterie and authentic bar with a great view featuring a circular layout and a domed roof


Offering coffee specially brewed with a French press

JR Otaru Chikko station

It is a distance of 2 Station from Otaru


The town which prospered in herring fishing and marine transportation before Sapporo was developed.

Kitaichi Venetian Art Museum

Approximately 3000 Venice glass works are displayed.

Municipal Otaru Literature Museum

Materials from Otaru, such as "kobayashi takiji", "itō sei" etc are displayed.

Otaru Station

Entrance of Otaru sightseeing !

Otaru International Information Center(Canal Plaza Tourist Information)

Utilizing the former Otaru warehouse which is a historic building, there are sales of special products of Otaru and Shiribeshi and a coffee section.

Shin Nihonkai Ferry Otaru Ferry Terminal

Heading to Maizuru Port in Kyoto (everyday service), and Niigata Port (service everyday execpt Monday).

Herring Goten Otaru VIP Hall (Old Aoyama villa)

Get off at "Shukudzu 3 chome" and walk 5 minutes on foot

Otaru Bay Cruise “Aobato”

There are Shukutsu routes, Otamoi route. Enjoy Otaru from the sea.

Otaru Asakusabashi Information Center

In addition to sightseeing information, we also sell soft cream.

Otaru Station Information Center

Information office that you can see immediately after leaving the ticket gate of Otaru station

Otaru Canal Bus terminal

It is close to the Otaru Canal, from here to Mt.Tengu ropeway, bound for Otaru Aquarium, to Minami Otaru station etc. are out.

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