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List of articles of Rumoi area

Yagishiri Island

The island has population of a little less than 300 people, 25 km west of Haboro.

Teurito Lighthouse

The white lighthouse with two red bands was installed in November, 1968 on the north coast of the island.

Haboro Folk Museum

There are numerous artifacts from the prosperous times such as the coal mining and herring fishing on display.

Haboro Rose Garden

A recreational park with 300 kinds of the world's roses, there are approximately 2,000 roses in full glory.

Yagishiri Folk Museum

The old Onos' building it is Hokkaido Cultural Property (Japan).

Teuri Furusatokan

It is possible for most of the exhibits to be handled close.

Mashike Lighthouse

You can overlook the Rumoi Port from Mashike Port.

Haboro Ferry Terminal

Ferry Terminal in Habero

Shosanbetsu Observatory

You can watch the shining stars in the night sky up close with the established 65 cm forks type reflector astronomical telescope which boasts being Northern Hokkaido's biggest.

Shosanbetsu Konpira Shrine

It's the perfect place for quintessential Hokkaido photography with the setting sun captured inside the torii gate, the rippling waves, at dusk or starry sky.

Misakidai Park

There are hot spring facilities (Misaki Center, and Misaki Hot Spring), an astronomical observatory, an auto camping area, a campground, a park golf course, and also a go-cart ground.

Obira Nishinbanya

Come to understand the state of the herring fishing grounds and the lives of the people of the time at the adjacent local museum.

Green Hill Wind Park

The whole area here is a wind farm, and has 20 wind-power generators installed.

Tomamae Folk Museum

Recreating the scene of the Sankebetsu brown bear incident, which was also turned into a film, also introducing information about the relation between brown bears and human beings using photographs and charts.

Kiritachi Pass

National Route 239, a mountain pass linking Horokanai with Tomamae.

Seabird Center

National research facility. The facility does work regarding the protection, mating, activity, and research of seabirds such as the common murre and the tufted puffin.

Save The Sea Seabird

Photographs introduce the nature and live on the world reknowned seabird mating place, Teuri Island.

Teuri Island

A population of a little over 300 people, 30 km west of Haboro, the island has a 12 km circumference.

Cape Ofuyu

Cape Ofuyu once called a solitary island of land.

Seabird Observation House

There is an observation hut on the Teuri Island to observe the natural behavior of seabirds.

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