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List of articles of Otaru

Otaru Museum

The history of the railroad, especially steam locomotive related materials are rich.

Asarigawa Onsen Winter Resort

Asarigawa Onsen Winter Resort

Asarigawa Onsen

A hot-spring village know as the backroom of Otaru, 30 minutes from Otaru Station.

Otaru Tenguyama Ropeway

From the top of Tengu Mountain, you can see the entire city view and perfect for night light viewing, too.

Otaru Canal

The symbol of Otaru.

Sakaimachidori Street

One of the famous tourist spots where many souvenir shops

Souvenir shop Kobushiya Otaru

If you want Hokkaido’s popular souvenirs, Shiroikoibito, Royce and so on come to Kobushiya.

Handmade bag specialist store Mizubasho Otaru

This shop provides you with a Hokkaido hand made bag.

Otaru Kihinkan (The Old Aoyama Villa)

The artistic mansion overlooking the sea of Japan.

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