Sakaimachidori Street

One of the famous tourist spots where many souvenir shops which sell local specialties, glasswork or music boxes are all aligned on the street.
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AddressHokkaidō, Otaru-shi, Sakaimachi, 4, 4
Business hoursdifferent on the store
Regular closed daydifferent on the store
Correspondence languageJapanese 

Map of surrounding areas


  • Otaru Sun Mall Shopping StreetOtaru Sun Mall Shopping Street One department store and one big hotel formed a line here.
  • Miyakodori Shopping StreetMiyakodori Shopping Street Miyako Dori was the downtown area back in the day.
  • Former Yasuda Bank,Otaru BranchFormer Yasuda Bank,Otaru Branch External appearance. The Yasuda Bank of the Yasuda financial group became the Fuji Bank after the war.
  • Asarigawa OnsenAsarigawa Onsen A hot-spring village know as the backroom of Otaru, 30 minutes from Otaru Station.
  • Ryugu ShrineRyugu Shrine The shrine was built on the native Ainu ground used for religious services after the war of Hokkaido by commander-in-chief Takeaki Enomoto.
  • Otaru Kihinkan  (The Old Aoyama Villa)Otaru Kihinkan (The Old Aoyama Villa) The artistic mansion overlooking the sea of Japan.
  • Rinyu MarketRinyu Market A market full of locals. From 4 am to 2 pm.
  • Temiya Cave Because it is engraved in the fragile rock called the Otaru soft stone, a preservation building along the rock was constructed.
  • GinrinsouGinrinsou Popular for its view from the outdoor bath. The view encompasses the city of Otaru and Ishikari Bay.
  • Otaru Blue Cave To see Otaru's blue cave you can go from Otaru Port for 90 minutes