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List of articles of Obihiro

Tokachigokoku Shrine

Worshipping the war dead and civilians who rendered distinguished services.

Obihiro Shrine

The guardian angel of Obihiro. It is famous as the god of marriage.

Tokachi Tourist Information Center

A tourist information center in Tokachi on the 2nd floor of Esta East Building at JR Obihiro Station.

Kita-no Yatai

Lined with 20 distinctive stores


The composite facilities that are a collection of Tokachi's charms, located in Obihiro racetrack site.

Kofuku Shrine

Near the Kofuku (happiness) Shrine that is visited by worshippers from around the country, there is the Kofuku (happiness) Station that become famous from the catch phrase "From the land of love to happiness", so taking a tour of "happiness" is recommended.

Obihiro Zoo

The only elephants are bred in the province.

Hokkaido Obihiro Museum of Art

As the Museum of Art, the fifth art museum.

Obihiro Centennial City Museum

Facility to introduce the history, industry of nature and pioneer of Obihiro, Tokachi

Horse Museum

Displaying items and agricultural machinery of the farm horse.


The central city of the Tokachi Plains.

Tokachi River

It flows through the Tokachi Subprefecture and flows into the Pacific Ocean. It is a A class river of 156 km in length.

Obihiro Airport

The doorway to Tokachi sightseeing. About 40 minutes by bus to Obihiro city center.

Former Aikoku Station

Station which was in the Hiroo line of the former National Railway Company.

Manabe Garden

There are three themes: Japanese garden, Western style garden, landscape style garden.

Shichiku Garden

It is a flower garden of 18,000 tsubo which want to play with flowers all day.

Hidaka-Sanmyaku-Erimo Quasi-National Park

Japan's biggest quasi-national park which is said to be the backbone of Hokkaido centered around the Hidaka Mountain Range.

Obihiro Station


Banei Horseracing

World-class horseracing. Large 1-ton horses pull 1-ton iron sleighs at high speeds competing around a 200m linear course.

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