Harvester Yakumo

We are conducting experiments on vegetable cultivation through reduced pesticide / organic cultivation and developing original brand products for agricultural products.

In the restaurant you can eat Neapolitan pizza baked in a boasted stone kiln, fried chicken with original spices.



Address365 Hamamatsu, Yakumo-chō, Futami-gun, Hokkaido
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①3 minutes walk from Yakumo Parking Area of Hokkaido Expressway.

②About 70 minutes by car from JR Hakodate Station.

③About 120 minutes by car from JR Niseko Station.

④About 10 minutes by car from JR Yakumo Station.

Map of surrounding areas


  • Hiratanai OnsenHiratanai Onsen Greatly popular as the hotel where you can thoroughly enjoy seafood of Yakumo facing both the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan.
  • Yakumo ShrineYakumo Shrine There are shrines that bear the Yakumo name throughout Japan, but Yakumo's shrine is the only branch shrine of Atsuta Shrine.
  • Yakumo Onsen(Oboko Hot Spring)Yakumo Onsen(Oboko Hot Spring) It is a hot spring featuring an outdoor bath that changes color to ocher color when iron is touched by air.
  • Yakumo Folk MuseumYakumo Folk Museum The origin of the wooden bear sculptures is said to be Yakumo. There's also a museum inside the building explaining the culture of wood bear sculptures.
  • GinkonyuGinkonyu From 5 sources to 11 hot tubs. One-day hot springs are also acceptable. Definitely want to go with partner.
  • Kenichi OnsenKenichi Onsen Gravity-fed irrigation hot spring with hot water of good reputation as a place of hot spring therapy for neighboring farmers, fishermen, and those with injuries.
  • Funka Bay Panorama ParkFunka Bay Panorama Park You can climb the hill and you can see the bay.
  • Unseki PassUnseki Pass A landmark of autumn leaves. The mountain pass which links the Kumaishi area to the Yakumo area.
  • Yakumo Dairy Cattle Rearing RanchYakumo Dairy Cattle Rearing Ranch It is on the hill and you can see the Funkawan bay and Yakumo city area.
  • Kumaishi Fishing PortKumaishi Fishing Port Aburako, hokke, karei, kajika, soi etc are raise.