Odori Park fountains

Odori Park is also famous as a park of fountains, with its four fountains.

Sapporo citizen place of recreation.


3-chome, fountain


4-chome, fountain


5-chome, Imperial blessings monument (monument honoring the acheivements of the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa emperors).


11-chome, fountain


AddressOdori Nishi 3-chome - 5-chome
2 minutes walk from "Odori" station of Subway Tozai-Line, Nanboku-Line

Odori Nishi 11-chome
2 minutes walk from "Nishi 11-chome" station of Subway Tozai-Line
Regular closed dayWinter season (from November to April)
(11-chome fountain ; from October to May)

Map of surrounding areas


  • Fountain statue (Odori Park)Fountain statue (Odori Park) The 3 free dancers express the future of Sapporo.
  • Maruyama ParkMaruyama Park
  • Odori Park Tourist InformationOdori Park Tourist Information There are sightseeing brochures. Press the shutter.
  • Nakajima ParkNakajima Park Dotted with various landmarks such as the Hoheikan, the Hassoan Tea House, Kitara Sapporo Concert Hall, and Hokkaido Museum of Literature.
  • Hiraoka ParkHiraoka Park Famous for Bairin (white plum, red plum) (late April to mid May)
  • Odori ParkOdori Park It's a beautiful large park speading for about 1.5 km east to west in central Sapporo.
  • Yurigahara ParkYurigahara Park About 6400 kinds of flowers and plants parks
  • Sosei River ParkSosei River Park The Soseigawa River which divides the east and west of Sapporo has been turned into a park.
  • Gotenzan ParkGotenzan Park Multi-purpose park in the quarry ruins of Sapporo where you can enjoy both barbecue and sports coming empty-handed.
  • Shiroi Koibito Park Facilities focusing on the tour of the Shiroi Koibito production line (production line tour is charged).