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List of articles of Activity

Garinko Station

It is the station of the drift ice icebreaker 'Garinko-gō'.

Maruseppu Forest Park Auto Camping Ground

A park filled with greenery that made use of the natural environment.

Misakidai Park

There are hot spring facilities (Misaki Center, and Misaki Hot Spring), an astronomical observatory, an auto camping area, a campground, a park golf course, and also a go-cart ground.

Oshamanbe Fishing Port

An abundant fishing ground.

Yagoshi Cruise

It is a tour that enters into the scenic "blue cave" which can only go by boat.

Unimuki Experience Center

You can eat the best sea urchin of Rebun Island for 800 yen each.

Urakawa Aeru

Horse-riding facility integrated with hotel that overlooks Hidaka mountains

Lake Shikaribetsu Nature Center

Canadian canoe, Sea kayak, Hot air balloon, Walk in the forest, River watching, Mountaineering, Fishing, Night watching etc.

Higashitaisetsu Nature Guide Center

Guide center of Not-for-Profit Organization.

Toro Nature Center

Guide tour company in Lake Tōroko.

Nupuka Hokkaido Shihoro

The scenery from the altitude of 600m is sunny

Tokachi International Speedway

A motor sports facility located on a hill overlooking the Tokachi plain.

Former Rikubetsu Station

Facility using the Abandoned railway "Furusatogingasen".

Shintoku Soba No Yakata

You can experience soba noodles.

Shikaribetsuko Ice Village

It is an ice village on the lake which is exactly like an open-air bath on ice and an ice bar.

Shiretoko Nature Cruise

It is a sightseeing vessel of whale & bird watching in Rausu town.

Betsukai Sightseeing Curise Plan

It is a sightseeing ship connecting the Notsuke peninsula and Odaitou.

Furano Cheese Kobo

You can observe the production room and the aging storage through a window. Experience available!

Higashikagura Forest Park

The trees are overflowing so as to surround the centrally located artificial lake, and you can enjoy extraordinary play such as water play and cycling.

Kitoushi Forset Park

It is in the vast natural park around the mountain mountain.

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