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Kita 1-jo Sapporo history photo gallery

Photo gallery of the Kita 1-jo underground passage.

The Red Brick Northern Territories Museum

Former Hokkaidō Government Office 2F.

Sapporo Buried Cultural Property Center

Displaying earthenware vessels and a stone implements excavated in Sapporo.

Hokkaido Railway Technology Museum

Can understand the railroad situation in northern countries.

Former Sapporo Court of Appeals

Sapporo's history and culture materials are displayed.

Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum

A memorial hall of Takeo Arishima, author of 'Descendant of Cain'.

Kayano Shigeru Nibutani Ainu Museum

Over than 1000 items including Ainu folk goods


At the end of the Bakumatsu, Akita clan reproduced the facility which became the base of northern guard.

Marimo Exhibition and Observation Center

Because it is alive algae.

Akankohan Eco Museum Center

Akan Mashu National Park

Former Hokkaido Government Office Building

You can actually enter the Former Hokkaido Government Office Building.

Elra Plaza

Adjacent to the JR Yoichi Station.

The birthplace of western agriculture (Nanae Historical Museum)

Nanae-cho is famous as the town which first cultivated Western apples and baron potatoes that spread widely over Japan.

Oiwake Hall / Esashi Float Hall

Between the end of April to October stage performances are held showing Esashi music and Hokkaido folk songs.

Akan International Crane Center GRUS

Divided into a display corner regarding Japanese cranes and an observation center.

Kitami Mint Memorial Museum

This museum displays the cultural and historical legacy of the mint industry in Kitami.

Moyoro Shell Mound Museum

Introducing the Moyoro people who lived at the northern seas through an exhibition including themes such as housing, graves and shell mounds.

Shiretoko Nature Center

Providing various information about the nature of the Shiretoko area.

Shiretoko World Heritage Center

Introducing the highlights of Shiretoko World Heritage Sites and the live information of the nature of Shiretoko.

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