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Rebun Folk Museum

This facility introduces the models of plants and animals designated as natural monuments and displays of the excavated items of the Jomon period.


Facility concerning Miwa Yoshida of Dreams Come True (Japan band).

Shibetsu Northern Territories Museum

It shows the state of the island of the Northern Territories and the history of the return movement.

Shihoro Traditional Agriculture Museum

Exhibit valuable tools to know the history of Shihoro's agriculture.

The Churui Museum of Naumann’s Elephant

It was built to commemorate the discovery of the fossil of the Naumann's elephant in Chūrui .

Sarobetsu Wetland Center

It has a tree road where you can walk in the wetlands, a rest house and so on.

Wakkanai Youth & Children’s Science Museum

There are northernmost observatories and planetarium in Japan.

Wakkanai Centennial Memorial Tower

Building on the hill of Wakkanai Park 80m above ground above sea level 250m building.

Rausu Folk Museum

Represent of Shiretoko nature. Taxidermy of Blakiston's fish owl and Steller's sea eagle, earthenware and stone tools.

Rausu Kunashiri Observatory

It is a museum that can overlook the magnificent figure of Kunashir Island under the eyes.

Notsuke Peninsula Nature Center

A facility providing information on the nature and history of the Notsuke Peninsula.

Kaneto Kawamura Ainu Memorial Hall

Numerous valuable materials such as living tools to convey Ainu culture and customs are displayed

Hokuchin Memorial Museum

A museum that displays materials about Tondenhei and the former army seventh division.

Miura Ayako Literature Museum

A literary pavilion tracing Ayako Miura's artist living in Asahikawa along the history of literature and life.

Furano Lifelong Learning Centre & Furano museum

Showing permanent exhibits of recourses related to the culture, history and nature of Furano.

Tsuchi no Yakata

The history of agriculture, keeping healthy soil, and world tractor display.

Library of Picture Books

It collects 72,000 books including picture books and general books in total, and has about 800 original drawings of picture books.

Higashikawa Folk Museum

In addition to the tram which ran in the past, folk materials and old farm equipment are exhibited.

Kutchan Museum of Natural History

Facility that you can experience the natural, cultural and historical background of Kutchan.

Shellfish Museum of Rankoshi

50000 years ago, 1500 kinds of restored models of chokkak shellfish and 500 shellfish are displayed.

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