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List of articles of Fishing

Nature Designing

Let’s enjoy various experiences in the vast nature of Hidaka!

Furano Nature Club

There are many limited tours offering the nature of Furano such as a hot-air balloon free-flight or rafting in the Sorachi River.

Shokotsu River

It is a famous river for fishing fans.

Kumaishi Fishing Port

Aburako, hokke, karei, kajika, soi etc are raise.

Oshamanbe Fishing Port

An abundant fishing ground.

Lake Shikaribetsu Nature Center

Canadian canoe, Sea kayak, Hot air balloon, Walk in the forest, River watching, Mountaineering, Fishing, Night watching etc.

Iwanai Fishing Port

Righteye flounders, Arabesque greenling is popular.

Lake Shinotsu

Shinsen lake frozen in winter is famous for fishing fish.

Taisetsu Tsuribori Fishing Pond

You can eat it by catching Rainbow trout, Cherry hybrid salmon, charr etc etc. (Chargeable)

Chiyonoura Marine Park

Fishing park located just east of the huge Kushiro harbor in Kushiro city.

Tsurunuma Park

Camping, tennis, boating, fishing, parks where you can enjoy hot springs.

Fishing for fresh squid (Hakodate Morning Market)

Fishing for fresh squid (Hakodate Morning Market)

Fishing Port Fishing Experience (with equipment rental)

You can enjoy fishing at the fishing port of Shikabe. You don't need to prepare for anything.

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