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List of articles of Flower

Michi-No-Eki Makkari Flower Center

It is a healing space surrounded by flowers.

Sarobetsu Primeval Flower Garden

There is a wooden path of approximately one kilometer where you can see about 100 varieties of flower up close.

Asahikawa Kitasaito Garden

The garden in the center of the town connected directly to Asahikawa station

Farm Tomita

The birthplace of lavender tourism.

Highland Furano

It's lodging and hot spring facilities with a lavender field in a very large forest.

Tsurunoyu Onsen

It is a hot spring where you can see wonderful lotus flowers (August).

Rokugo Observatory

The observatory where you can view the whole area of Rokugo which became the stage for the TV series Kita no Kuni Kara.

Kanno Farm

You can enjoy lavender and flowers of various colors and farm products until the beginning of October.

Hinode lavender garden

The lavender garden in this Hinode Park was a place constructed rapidly as a lavender garden for sightseeing in Kamifurano!

Farm Tomita Lavender East

Another lavender field of Tomita farm.

Flower Land Kamifurano

Only here Mt.Tokachi and the flowers can be seen together!

Zerubu no Oka Hill

You can see fields of flowers such as lavender, and sunflowers, with the powerful natural backdrop of mountains such as Mount Asahi and the Tokachi mountain range.

Shikisai no Oka Hill

A flower garden of 7 hectares opens backed by the scenery of the magnificent Daisetsuzan mountain group and hills, making an excellent view.

Chiyoda-no-Oka Observatory

You can see the whole view of Biei hills, Mt.Daisetsuzan.

Sawara Flower Road

About 4 km along the national highway route, Lavender, Tagetes and Tropical sage are planted and decorate the roads from May to October.

Hana Road Eniwa Rest Area

Eniwa is my home town of admiration because I am "a flower lover" nowadays, but each person adorned my own garden with flowers.

Iwamizawa Rose Garden

There are roughly 630 varieties of Roses and Rosa rugosa about 8800 planted in the premises of approximately 40,000 square meters.

Sunflower Village

There are 1.5 million sunflowers in the broad premises, and it is a masterpiece.

Abashiri Phlox Park

Fifteen thousand of phlox will bloom. The best time in mid August.

Abashiri Oomagari Himawari

This landscape can be seen from Mid September to Early October.

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