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Northern Natural Flower Garden

From the end of June to the end of July, the flowers of Iris setosa bloom.

Urespa+Furano E-bike Cycling Guided Tours

This cycling is in a photographer's paradise with its popular lavender gardens and sightseeing spots.

Ikoro no Mori

Based on diverse plants nurturing the rich nature of Hokkaido, eleven kinds of different such as Rose Garden, White Garden and Border Garden.

Mt. Esan

An active volcano designated by Esan Prefectural Natural Park.

Horomi Pass Lavender Garden

The lavender spreading out over the ground is just like a purple carpet!

Chobo no Oka (Lookout Hill)

There are 1.3 million sunflowers seen from the low hill located in the back.

Tokachigaoka Park

A park with fun wooden athletic playground equipment.


The park space that is full of nature full of forest, water, grassy plains, and flower gardens.

Hiraoka Park

Famous for Bairin (white plum, red plum) (late April to mid May)

Odori Park

It's a beautiful large park speading for about 1.5 km east to west in central Sapporo.

Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park

Hokkaido’s only state-run park.

Nonno-no-Mori (Citizens’ Forest Nature Park)

You can relax, and enjoy forest therapy.

Kaze-no Garden,Prince Grand

This location became the setting of a TV drama called Kaze no Garden. It is a British garden of approximately 2000㎡ spread over the site of the New Furano Prince Hotel.

Nakafurano Flower Park

A lawn park with a fountain adjacent to the town-owned lavender garden. Four seasons flowers bloom.

Holland Windmill

Approximately 220 varieties and 1,200,000 tulips will bloom in the Kamiyuubetsu Tulip Park.

Meruhen Oka Hill

Beautiful of the warm and smiling countryside every season.

Hyotannuma Park

The central swamp where Hokkaido Komagatake can be seen is shaped like a gourd.

Haboro Rose Garden

A recreational park with 300 kinds of the world's roses, there are approximately 2,000 roses in full glory.

Rebun Alpine Botanical Garden

Approximately 20,000 alpine plants of 50 varieties bloom on the island seasonally pleasing the eyes here.

Beniya Primeval Flower Garden

The special natural flower garden where you can enjoy viewing marsh plants and alpine plants at the same time.

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