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List of articles of Gourmet food

Naitai Plateau Ranch

It is a nature-filled highland ranch where you can see cattle grazing. We can eat also at the rest house.

Hanabatake Farm

Shops selling souvenirs, cafe and whey sweet tea facilities are available.

Nakasatsunai Art Village

Nakasatsunai Art Village where sculptures of museums and restaurants are located in the vast premises of Tokachi district.

Shintoku Soba No Yakata

You can experience soba noodles.

Karafuto Shokudo

It is a cafeteria spread in word riders' reviews with a catchphrase "unbeatable sea urchin rice bowl".

Furano Cheese Kobo

You can observe the production room and the aging storage through a window. Experience available!

Furano Jam

Selling handmade jam made without water.

Ponpira Aqua Ring

The facilities are appropriate for overnight lodgings and day-spa.

Hitsuji no Oka Hill

Genghis Khan facility that can eat Suffolk and visionary milk lamb.


Hokkaido's largest class! Weatherproof indoor mall.

Michi-no-Eki Biei “Shirogane Biruke”

In German is said to be "biruke".

Biei Senka

The facility is run by JA Biei. There are Biei vegetables, breads, sweets, and restaurants.

Hashimoto-ke House (Former Nishingoten)

This building is the Old-Hashimoto family storehouse (2nd floor was used for lodging business).

Yamasan Michishita-Shoten

So please try a genuine okonomi (topped as you like) rice bowl at the Michishita-Shoten (restaurants) in the Morning Market Donburi Yokocho just one minute from Hakodate Station.

Sapporo Beer Hokkaido Factory

Have you ever drink a fresh draft beer? It is possible only in the factory, in fact it is the first luxury for beer lovers.

Hana Road Eniwa Rest Area

Eniwa is my home town of admiration because I am "a flower lover" nowadays, but each person adorned my own garden with flowers.

Ebetsu Tonden Farm

Here you can enjoy experience with pastures where you can interact with lovely animals, shopping for homemade ham · sausage, restaurant with natural food type.

Ebri Nopporo

A commercial facility of renovation that made use of the building of the former brick factory.

Kururu no Mori

Fresh agricultural products direct selling place, popular facilities in rural restaurants.

Royce Futomi Factory

Royce Confection famous for chocolate.

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