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List of articles of Gourmet food

Furano Wine House

A restaurant on the hill where you can see Furano city.

Hakodate Wagyu Beef

Wagyu of "Aka ke Wagyu" produced in Kikonai.

Ikeda Wine Castle

A research facility that studied wine making in the first vineyard cultivation grape in Hokkaido.

Tokachi Hills

A complex where nature and flowers collaborate. There is also a restaurant.

Road Station Akkeshi Gourmet Park(Conchiglie)

Conchiglie, You can enjoy oysters of Akkeshi, a special product. Purchasing fresh ingredients from the seafood market, and being able to enjoy it by roasting yourself is impressed.

Michi-no-Eki “Shikabe Geyser Park”

Shikabe special product sales, dining hall and so on. It is also an entrance to Geyser Park.

Hotto Marché Ogaru

Besides Hokkaido souvenir, local special products are complete.

San-Roku Street

The largest entertainment area in the Northern Hokkaido District.


Susukino is known as the northernmost red light district in Asia.

Asahikawa Ramen Village

A gathering of Asahikawa's 8 popular city restaurants. It's one place to check out when exploring Asahikawa's culinary delights!

Lake Mashu Rest House

"Lake Mushu" in the fog, is it fog today? Is it sunny? I'm looking forward to either one.

Yuni Garden

Various herbs, cherry blossoms, lily, cosmos flowers of various seasons bloom. There are also buffet and herb sales.

Otaru Yataimura Renga Yokocho

Hokkaido’s famous food stall villages include, Hakodate’s Daimon Yokocho, and Obihiro’s Kita no Yatai, but Otaru also has one called Renga Yokocho.

Ecorin village

You can enjoy garden, ranch and restaurant of various themes.

Murakami Farm

A pasture where you can experience milking, ice cream making, butter making etc.

Salmon Factory

A dealer directly linked to a salmon professional processing factory.

Wakadori Hanmiage Naruto

Freshly deep fried. Plainly salty, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. It's eaten as a set meal. It's delicious!

Sankaku Market

There are 15 stores in the market. There are six restaurants among them.

Chitosetsuru Sake Museum

Chitosetsuru Sake Museum

Wing Bay Otaru

In front of the Otaru marina, a shopping facility with adjoining hotels and a cinema.

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