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List of articles of History / Culture


In Hokuohirin, there is a statue to Kaneko Outei, a writer from Matsumae, and his students.

Monument of Friendship between Japan and England for Cherry Tree Appreciation

It was erected in May 2016 as a testament to the exchange between Japan and the UK through cherry blossoms.

UPOPOY (National Ainu Museum and Park)

Upopoy serves as the national center for the revival and development of Ainu culture.

Kamishihoro Town Rail Museum

Artifacts of the Japan National Railway Shihoro Line are on display.

Nibutani AINU Culture Museum

This museum was built for inheriting Ainu culture when the Nibutani dam was constructed.

Jozankei Local Museum

On display is information on the history of the Jozankei.

Yubutsu Museum

Approximately 1,000 warriors of Hachioji settled by the Edo Shogunate ordered around 1800 before the Tondenhei soldier arrived at the Hokkaido guards are exhibiting materials.

Tomakomai Art Museum

You can learn Tomakomai's history and nature.

Old Soma Residence

The private residence of Hokkaido's wealthiest merchant Souma Teppei, is one of Hokkaido's wealthiest mansions.

Abashiri Prison Museum

An open air museum, relocates buildings of priso that have been used since the Meiji period.

Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum

"Ryoma" thought that the development of Hokkaido has an impact on Japan's development and overseas exchanges Let's go see the statue.

Shinsengumi-tonsyo(Site of Military stations site of Shinsengumi)

Former Shomyo-ji Temple. Next to Hakodate Hotel.


The fort (small fortress) which was set in order for the old Shogunate forces to protect Goryokaku Fort.

Site of Toshizo Hijikata’s Last Stand

Shinsengumi Vice President Hijikata Toshizo fans must see.

Hokkaido Hakodate Museum of Art

The building's outward appearance.

Hakodate City Museum of Northern Peoples

The former Bank of Japan Hakodate branch was renovated.

Hakodate City Museum of Literature

Renovated former Dai-ichi Bank Hakodate Branch.

Hakodate Orthodox Church

It is also known as “GANGAN” Temple, the birthplace of Eastern Orthodox Church of Japan

Municipal Otaru Literature Museum

Materials from Otaru, such as "kobayashi takiji", "itō sei" etc are displayed.

Botanic Garden, Hokkaido University

Maintaining 4,000 kinds of Hokkaido plants.

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