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List of articles of JR

JR Furano Station

The center of Hokkaido Welcome to the Furano!

JR Nakafurano Station

JR Nakafurano Station

JR Kitahama Station

It is filming location place of movie "If You Are the One" .

JR Kawayu-Onsen station

JR Kawayu Onsen station

JR Mashu station

It is footbath next to the station.

JR Goryokaku station

JR Goryokaku station

JR Akkeshi Station

Akkeshi Station is a railway station on the “Hanasaki Line” section of the JR Hokkaido Nemuro Main Line.

Toro Station


Shibecha Station

The station which SL Fuyu-no-Shitsugen-gou stop in winter.

Obihiro Station


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