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List of articles of Sea/Seaside

Orito-hama Beach

The beach is part of the Matsumae Yaguchi Nature Park and is located in Matsumae Town.

Jewelry Ice

Jewelry Ice can be seen from mid-January to late February every year at Otsu Beach in Toyokoro.


It is called Seven Beach. You can see Mt. Hakodate.

Hamamatsu Beach

A flock of gulls. Yururi and Moyuri islands can be seen offshore.

Kuguri Iwa

It is a hole drilled to support herring fishery about 400 years ago.

Shosanbetsu Konpira Shrine

It's the perfect place for quintessential Hokkaido photography with the setting sun captured inside the torii gate, the rippling waves, at dusk or starry sky.

Yagoshi Cruise

It is a tour that enters into the scenic "blue cave" which can only go by boat.

Oshamanbe Singing Sand Beach

The shore of the Shizukari district, is one of only three shores in Hokkaido that are confirmed to have singing sand (sand that makes noise when stepped on).

Semposhi Misaki Park

There are fishing spots, beaches, natural sea observation sites.

Cape Ryuuzin

You can see a magnificent view of the setting sun.

Setakamui Iwa

The strangely shaped rock which is especially famous have a height of approximately 80 meters.

Tokkarisho Observatory

One of Muroran Hakkei. You can feel strong in green belt and rough scenery of strange rocks and cliffs.

Masuichi Beach

One of Muroran Hakkei. candle rock, gulls rock

Chiyonoura Marine Park

Fishing park located just east of the huge Kushiro harbor in Kushiro city.

Otaru Bay Cruise “Aobato”

There are Shukutsu routes, Otamoi route. Enjoy Otaru from the sea.

Misogi Beach

Traditional event "Winter Misogi Festival (January 13th - 15th)" in Kikonai town will be held.

Shiriuchi Blue Grotto

A mysterious blue cave that seems to follow a cliff by a small boat.

Kamome Island

A small island of 2.6 km. To start Esashi sightseeing. This name came from the fact that you can see both wings from the sky.

Itanki Beach

Singing sand which was discovered for the first time in Hokkaido.

Cape Chikiu

You can overlook the Pacific Ocean from the observation deck.

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