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List of articles of Sweets


You can buy the specialty of Lake Onuma "Onuma dumpling".

Watanabe experience Farm

This farm is a certified national dairy farming educational farm.

Heidi Farm

A place where you can interact with animals and enjoy various activities!

Michi-no-Eki Nanairo-Nanae

Lined with food made with Southern Hokkaido area ingredients.

Megmilk Snow Brand Museum

Introduce the previously used machine and the model of the current factory.

Sunagawa Highway Oasis

Largest highway parking area in Hokkaido.

Ryugetsu sweetpia garden

The Ryugetsu confectionery factory

Biei “Okanokura”

There is a restaurant, special product sales, and a gallery.

Home Run Yaki

A baked sweet containing "Sweet bean paste" with a size of about 6 cm in diameter.

Royce’ Chocolate World

Come to understand the history and manufacturing process of chocolate.

Hanabatake Farm

Shops selling souvenirs, cafe and whey sweet tea facilities are available.

Furano Jam

Selling handmade jam made without water.

Royce Futomi Factory

Royce Confection famous for chocolate.

Murakami Farm

A pasture where you can experience milking, ice cream making, butter making etc.

Chitosetsuru Sake Museum

Chitosetsuru Sake Museum


An area of popular shops & restaurants.


Letao, famous for its cheesecakes.

Shiroi Koibito Park

Facilities focusing on the tour of the Shiroi Koibito production line (production line tour is charged).

PASTRY SNAFFLE’S Kanemori Youbutsukan

Cheese Omelet (cakes) are a western style confectionary representing Hakodate.

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