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List of articles of Kushiro Airport Area

Michi-no-Eki “Swan 44 Nemuro”

Located at the entrance to Nemuro. From the glass-lined building, you can overlook "Furen Lake" and "Chun Kukjeong".

Nemuro Tourist Information Center

Information on Nemuro Tourism is here first. There is also a terminal for local buses and tourist buses.

Kushiro Tourism & International Relations Center

There is the Kushiro Tourism Convention Association, and the sightseeing brochure.

Akanko Marimukan Tourist Information Center

Tourist information center in Akan Onsen area. and the sightseeing brochure.

Ainu Seikatsu Kinenkan (Ainu Folklore Museum)

Reproduce the old Ainu folk house where 4 to 5 families.

Lake Taro and Jiro

A beautiful landscape. 10 minutes to climb Taro Lake, and even 10 minutes to Jiro Lake.

Mt. O’akan-dake

About 6 hours back and forth to the top of the mountain. Altitude 1370 m

Mt. Me’Akan-dake

At an altitude of 1499 m and by Ainu lenguage called machineshiri. There are several trailheads, but from trailhead Lake Onneto are also used.

Churui Island

Uninhabited island in Lake Akan. You can only go on a pleasure boat.

Michi-no-Eki “Akan Tancho no Sato (Crane’s Terrace)

There are tourist information, local product sales corner.


It is the easternmost town of Hokkaido.

Ochiishi Natuire Cruise

A popular course where you can enjoy bird watching on a fishing boat.

Akkeshi Shrine

One of the shrine in Hokkaido.

Cape Aikappu

It is a popular place where lovers ring the bell in the sense that "get over the difficulties and gain the crown of love".

Lake Takkobu

It is the smallest freshwater lake in the south of Kushiro Wetland San Lake (Tōroko Lake, Shirarutoro Lake, takkobuko Lake).

Akkeshi Bay

Famous for nationally farming oysters.

Kaminoko Ike Pond

It is a pond of blue fresh water said to have been form by underground water (Subterranean river) at Lake Mashu.

Rawan Giant-butterbur Garden

It is a facility to enjoy jumbo Giant-butterbur with height exceeding 2 meters.

Biwase Observatory

Because it is located on the hill of Kiritappu Wetland, it can 360 degree field of view.

Kiritappu Wetland

One of the country's leading wetlands with a size of 3,168 ha. It is designated as a Hokkaido nature park.

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